Setting your cleaning fees

Access the Cleaning fees section under your Booking Settings in the app: Hosting>Menu>Listing>Booking Settings>Additional Charges

We understand that setting your price is one of the hardest parts of hosting. Doing it right can be the difference between getting a booking or not. Your nightly rate, and any additional fees, should strike a balance between covering your hosting costs and offering the very best value to your guests.

To help find that balance, did you know that you can finesse your cleaning fees based on the length of a guest’s stay?

Set Your Cleaning Fees 

Adding cleaning fees to your listing

Your cleaning fees typically pay for the tidying up you’d expect to do after hosting any guest, such as making up beds with freshly laundered linens, wiping off countertops and other surfaces, and scrubbing sinks and toilets. Cleaning fees can help you pay for a professional housekeeping service and cleaning supplies.

Depending on how you choose to set your cleaning fee, you can opt to do any (or none) of the following:

  • Add one flat-rate cleaning fee for all guests, regardless of their length of stay
  • Add a lower cleaning fee for short stays of only 1 or 2 nights, and keep your flat-rate fee for all other stays
  • Add a pet fee to cover the additional costs of cleaning when you host guests with 4-legged friends

Cleaning fees are not available to Hosts who offer accommodations in mainland China.

Setting yourself up for success

It’s important to manage expectations about what your cleaning fees include and what (if anything) you ask guests to do. Would you like guests to load dirty dishes into the dishwasher or strip the bed linens before checkout? If so, consider charging a very minimal cleaning fee—or no fee at all.

With a higher fee, guests may expect to just walk away from your space at checkout as they would a hotel room.

In the rare event that your place or belongings are damaged by a guest during a stay, AirCover for Hosts offers Hosts $1 million in damage protection, including coverage for unexpected cleaning. You can request reimbursement through our Resolution Center.

Some best practices to keep in mind when adding a cleaning fee:

  • Aim to use the cleaning fee to cover the expense of cleaning—not to make additional money
  • If you’re new to hosting, consider waiting to add a cleaning fee until you have a few great reviews to attract bookings

Set Your Cleaning Fees 

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