Writing House Rules

Here is one example of House Manual Rules you could pick and choose from different ideas below to add to your own:


• Obey all local laws, codes and ordinances - $1,000 fine for any citation and GUESTS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY.
• No Parties - $500 fine.
• No smoking/vaping/candles/incense INDOORS - $500 fine. Tobacco smoking only allowed outdoors with windows closed and cigarette butts disposed of only in outdoor trash. If smoke or cigarette smell is not dispersed after house is cleaned, you will incur a $200 fine.
• PETS: No other other animals than dogs will be allowed on the property and all dogs need prior approval as we do not allow certain breeds as well as all dogs must be up to date on vet flea medication and may incur additional pet fees. Any pet damage will result in a $200 additional fee. Pet hair or paw prints on beds or couch will result in a $50 fee.
• Max number of people on property - 6 people. Quiet hours: 10PM-7AM.
• No spray tanning/henna application/hair dyeing. No glitter.
• Parking is provided on the driveway do not park on the grass. We do not allow parking more than 4 vehicles of standard size in the driveway. We also do not allow any other vehicles besides cars, regular pickup trucks, vans, etc in other words no large work trucks, moving trucks, semis trucks, boats, RVs and so on.
• No wet towels on furniture or floor. No shoes on rugs/furniture/beds.
• Guests should use the small black towels provided to remove makeup/ foundations, creams, or any other products that might stain. Unsalvageable linens/bath towels will be charged to the guest (towel $20, sheet $25).
• Home is not childproof. Use caution. All children must be supervised by adult at all times. No railing on back deck about 1 foot off the ground.
• Lock home when leaving. Leave home in same condition as arrival. Please wash your dishes before checkout. If dishes are not washed, $25-50 fee may be applied.
• Trash and Recycling are alongside the house. Please do not put trash in recycling can! Only CLEAN cardboard, paper, cans, bottles, glass in recycling. Place clean recyclables loose in can, not bagged. Curbside pickup is early Thursday, if you stay Wednesday night please take containers to curb and return to side of home Thursday afternoon. DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH OR FOOD OUTSIDE except well bagged inside trash can. No disposal in trash can unless bagged and tied. If outdoor trach can is full, do not overfill above where lid will close and do not leave any loose trash bags outdoors. If necessary, please take additional trash with you when you check out. - $50-$100 fine.
• Please acknowledge that occasionally we may leave consumables such as condiments or snacks left behind by previous guests if they are not empty. We try our very best to ensure that it is not expired or stale. HOWEVER, ultimately, it is up to the guests’ discretion and inspection to consume these items if they wish. The host does not take any responsibility for consumables.
• If guests are found in the unfortunate event of disruptions alerting neighbors, GUESTS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY with no refund.
• If guests are suspected of carrying and/or using illegal drugs of any kind, the authorities will be engaged, GUESTS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY - $500 fine.
. Residential use only, no business or filming may be conducted without prior written permission.
Please keep dogs from digging in the yard to limit mud being tracked in.

Please do not move furniture! A minimum extra fee of $100 will be charged to you as well as any additional costs for any damage.
Do not pour grease down the garbage disposal or sink! It will break the garbage disposal and there will be a charge to fix it!
No burning any candles or any thing similar that could burn down the house. We are very careful with anything flammable. Please be extra extra cautions! Thank you!

Additional charge for early/late checkin/out a minimum of $250 or based on the hourly stay rate amount for that day whichever is greater based on nightly stay booking rate. Ask for details.

- No guests or visitors other than those included on the reservation. Specifically this means no outside visitors, No parties, No dinners. ALL guests must be accounted for in your booking who will step foot on the property.
We do not offer party pricing. Please contact us for further details. Otherwise we expect there to never be more than your booked guest count in or on the property.

By staying on our property you and your guests staying with you agree that we are not responsible for any liability of harm or accidents you might have while staying on or around our property to you or other guests in your party. You also agree you are responsible to watch over any minors or children, the house is not child proofed and you will not hold us liable for any harm or accidents to your child or the minor while staying on our property. Lastly we are not responsible for any actions you, guests or minors take in terms of drinking or illegal drug activity. We do not allow underage drinking, drugs or parties at our home and by doing so you are in violation of these terms. If police or accidents occur you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund and will be charged for any damages.

We do not refund any cancellations due to a positive COVID test or any other illness. We recommend you carry additional travel insurance if this is a concern so they can refund your stay. You will be required to cancel your stay and no refund will be provided.
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